How to do a BrightCheck?

Follow these steps to easily run a BrightCheck.

Select Checks

Choose from 3 Checks or run them all at once.

Anti-Catfish Check • Confirm a person’s identity

Criminal Check • Check for serious criminal activity

Social Media Check • Verify if a person is active on social media

Enter Known Details

Provide as much detail as possible to conduct the most thorough BrightCheck.

Enter full first & last name of the person

Add which city and state they reside

Continue with age and or year of birth


Review all selections and securely complete your payment.

Review your selected checks

Confirm the amount

Enter payment details and complete your purchase

View Results

After entering the details and completing payment, review your results.

Review your results

Discover any red flags or dangerous behavior

Feel empowered to connect with the person

How to read a

What you need to know about a BrightCheck report.

Helpful Tips


Enter Full Names Carefully: If you've only heard "Josh," there's a chance it could be "Joshua" on official documents. When sharing names, get the full version. It's all part of getting to know someone better.

Verify Spelling: A casual conversation about the unique spelling or pronunciation of names can ensure you've got it right.

Birthday Assistance: If birthdays come up in conversation, noting the exact date can be a plus. But remember, it's the genuine connection that counts most.


Skip on Accuracy: If you're entering details based on memory, a quick, friendly confirmation can make you safer when you meet.

Settle for Nicknames: They're great for friendly chats, but when it comes to making sure you know who someone really is, knowing their full name can be key.

Don’t Discriminate: Don't assume details based on demographics; always aim for accurate information about individuals.

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