3 Checks: Anti-Catfish, Social Media, Criminal

BrightCheck pulls live data from over 440 sources nationwide for public records and criminal data to provide three comprehensive checks in real-time.


Catfishing refers to the deceptive practice where an individual creates a fictitious online identity or misappropriates someone else’s photos and personal details to perpetrate a scam. The primary aim of catfishing is to establish a relationship with a target, foster a sense of trust, and eventually gather sensitive information from them.

Social Media Check

Our Social Media Verification service is designed to authenticate the legitimacy of an individual’s social media presence, using just their email or phone number. This streamlined process offers a comprehensive overview of their social media profiles across various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Skype, Spotify, and more. The aim is to provide a thorough insight into their online persona, assisting in the determination of the authenticity of their identity.
Safeguard yourself against potential fraudulent activities. Profiles established less than a month ago often signal a higher likelihood of fraudulent intent. Gain an understanding of the individual’s marital status, which can be pivotal in avoiding potentially harmful or misleading situations. This service empowers you with crucial information, enhancing your decision-making process and promoting safer online interactions.
BrightCheck | 1st Romance Scam and Anti-Catfish Check
BrightCheck | 1st Romance Scam and Anti-Catfish Check

Criminal Check

Our Criminal Background Check service offers insight to an individual’s criminal past, utilizing only their first name, last name, and birth year. This advanced tool enables BrightCheck to furnish a concise and easily comprehensible report, highlighting significant criminal offenses. These include abuse, arson, assault and battery, drug trafficking, fraud, fugitive activities, human rights violations, illegal weapons possession, identity theft, kidnapping, murder, involvement in organized crime, sexual offenses, theft, and terrorism.

By leveraging this service, you gain valuable insight into the criminal history of individuals, fostering greater peace of mind in your interactions. It is a proactive measure to safeguard yourself against potential physical or financial harm, ensuring more secure and informed decisions in your personal and professional engagements.
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