GDI New York Conference 2024: BrightCheck Sets the Stage for the New Safety Standard for Dating Apps

By: Ellis Messian

With the GDI New York Conference 2024 fast approaching on March 19th, anticipation is building for what promises to be a pivotal event in the online dating industry. This year’s gathering, proudly sponsored by BrightCheck along with Stream and WebPurify, puts a spotlight on the crucial roles of safety and technology. BrightCheck is leading efforts to carve out a safer future for online dating. 

Here’s what to expect from our participation, including a sneak peek into a groundbreaking partnership that’s setting new standards in the industry.

AI & Online Dating Safety – Scott Bright’s Insightful Session


BrightCheck’s CEO, Scott Bright, is set to deliver a compelling session on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enhancing user safety. Scott will dive into how AI can identify potential risks and protect users, showcasing BrightCheck’s innovative approach. This talk is essential for anyone looking to understand the future of safe online dating.

Unveiling a Game-Changing Partnership   –   A New Era of Safety in Online Dating


We’re excited to tease an upcoming partnership that symbolizes a monumental shift towards prioritizing safety in online dating. This collaboration involves major dating platforms integrating BrightCheck’s AI-driven safety measures, marking the beginning of a new standard in the industry. It’s about making “Check, Then Connect” an essential part of every dating experience.

Why BrightCheck’s Role is Crucial


BrightCheck’s involvement in the GDI Conference underscores our commitment to transforming online dating into a safer space. By advocating for AI in safety processes, we’re not just discussing future possibilities; we’re actively shaping them. Our vision is clear: to make comprehensive safety checks a fundamental aspect of all online dating platforms.

The Start of a Safety Movement


Our message at the GDI New York Conference 2024 is simple yet powerful: Safety isn’t just a feature; it’s the foundation of trust in online dating. The “Check, Then Connect” mantra is more than a slogan; it’s the start of a movement towards establishing safety checks as an integral part of the dating process. This conference is our platform to call on the industry to join us in this essential mission.

Join Us in Shaping the Future


The unveiling of our partnership at the GDI Conference is just the beginning. We invite other platforms to join this safety initiative, creating a unified front against risks in online dating. It’s a call for collaboration, urging the industry to adopt these new standards and work together towards a safer online world.

A Milestone Moment & BrightCheck’s Vision for Online Dating


As we gear up for the GDI New York Conference 2024, BrightCheck stands at the forefront of a critical industry shift. Our session, led by Scott Bright, and the announcement of our partnership are not just highlights of the event; they’re stepping stones towards a safer online dating environment for everyone.

Be part of this change. Join us at GDI New York Conference 2024, and let’s make “Check, Then Connect” the new norm in online dating.


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